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Private Lessons

Kevin Troup

Kevin Troup

Private Lessons

Champion Volleyball offers private and small group private lessons.  All lessons will be held at the new Champion Training Facility.

Our goal is to provide quality one-on-on training that will help the player develop a specific part of their game.  During each session the coach will work on a primary and secondary skill of the players choosing.  Each of our coaches have the ability to train players at every position and skill, but we will try to match the coaches specialty to the training skill that the player has chosen.  .

  • The athlete will get at a minimum 75-100 touches per session

  • Players should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of their assigned training session.  This will allow them to stretch prior to their session so that they can get the most of their skill training.

  • Players can sign up for a training session by using the email below.  This will give us all of the information necessary to schedule the lesson.  

  • Pricing is as follows

    • 1 Player - $50/hour

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kevin Troup at

Champion Private Lesson - FOR COACHES ONLY

THIS FORM IS FOR COACHES ONLY - Coaches, please use this form to submit your request:

Parents please email Kevin for more information on scheduling a lesson.