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Champion Beach

Our program is designed for the beginner/intermediate athlete who is new to the game of beach volleyball or who want to improve their game.  It is also for those athletes who want to increase their "Volleyball IQ" and become a more versatile player.


  • The program runs from April 1st - June 30th
  • Cost of the program is $375 (Covers Coaches Fee, Court rental, equipment, insurance, etc.)


  • Players will be placed on courts with players of a similar skillset.  We want to ensure everyone gets a lot of touches and is learning the fundamentals of the beach game
  • We will have 2 practicies a week:  Monday evenings and Wednesday evenings.
  •  Depending on the number of participants, we may have 2 sessions per evening.  Our goal is to have no more than 15-20 players per court.
  • Each practice will include Cardio in the sand.  This will help build the quick twitch muscles used to jump higher and move quickly in the sand and ultimately on the hard court..  It is also great for stamina building.
  • Practices will be held at the sand courts at Reagan High School


  • Tournaments are not required, but are strongly encouraged so players can apply the skills we practice.
  • Tournament fees are additional.  Cost is normally about $20-25 per player and paid directly to the tournament.
  • At tournaments, coaching is only permitted during time-outs and between sets.  It is very different than indoor, where a coach can direct players during the entire match

Playing Partner:

  • You DO NOT need to have a playing partner to join our program.
  • If you do participate in tournaments, you can play with a different partner/friend at each one


FAQ's (Click Here)


Coaching Staff

  • Kevin Troup (Head Coach Greensboro College) - Director
  • Marissa Hatchett (Played at UCLA/Pro-Beach Tour) - Lead Coach/Director
  • Scot Freeman (Atkins Head Coach) - Lead Coach
  • Joel Cordray (Reagan H.S) - Lead Coach
  • Taylor Moulton (Salem College Player) - Lead Coach
  • Bryan Sosa (Champion Coach) - Lead Coach
  • Haley Jacob (Reagan Beach Coach) - Lead Coach
  • Other additional coaches

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